Divine Games is a website founded in 2011. Its mission is to bring the PC gaming fanatics the exact content they have longed for. We are a forerunner in releasing authentic reviews and expert content about PC games. Our years of expertise in this industry have made us achieve an unrivalled competence.

We do a wide coverage of all aspects of PC gaming. Our brilliant team of specialists produce worthwhile and reliable reviews to make the audience’s gaming experience extra compelling. We ensure that the content and materials we release are interesting and up-to-the-minute. Be it big screen or small screen, hardcore or casual, handheld or console, whatever you are into, Divine Games meticulously filter what is worth your time. Be it action, simulation, sports, adventure, combat, FPS, MMO, RPG or RTS games, we’ve got everything covered. We offer the latest news, detailed features, professional reviews, best advice, and important guides you need to bring gaming and entertainment to a whole new level.

We do not only cover the games themselves, but we also take the time to talk about the artists who have brilliantly made them. We bridge the gap between PC game criticism and wise buying advice. We make sure that we provide real value to the readers, so they can have informed decision in buying or trying out a game.

Our passion in PC games is beyond mere business. Because we are hardcore gamers ourselves, we are genuinely driven in making our platform the ultimate online solution for every PC gamer out there. We grew up with PC games. We have spent countless hours of our youth and adult life to feel the thrill of true gaming. We feel what every gamer in the world feels. Our thirst for real gaming analysis is just as strong as yours.

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